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Kix Brooks

KBEST Country Chaos with Adrienne & Mark in the Morning

NAME: Mark Richardson & Adrienne Green

ON-AIR: Weekdays from 6am - 9am

Mark's Bio:

ANY NICKNAMES? Never had a nickname. Waiting for the right one.

HOMETOWN: Big Spring

FIRST JOB? Delivered the "Big Spring Herald" in Junior High School. I actually delivered the paper to my future in-laws in Kentwood. My first "real job" was at Burger King on FM 700. I then came to work at KBST for a couple of years in high school.

CURRENT OBSESSIONS: Broadcasting sports, tending to my horses and riding my personal favorite, Concho. Did I mention sports?

ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIE: There is really no room for debate on this one. Although I have no doubt that many will pick "Shawshank Redemption", the correct answer is "Remember the Titans".

IF YOU WEREN'T IN RADIO, WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? Riding the fences on Concho in the Davis Mountains.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE 3 SECOND RULE? Of course I believe in the 3 second rule. It's the most violated (and least called) foul in basketball. This is a silly question - this is like asking if I think Tom Brady cheated?!

"Attitude Reflects Leadership, Captain" - Remember the Titans
"Courage is Being Scared to Death...and Saddling Up Anyway" - John Wayne
"To Succeed in Life, You Need Three Things: A Wishbone, a Backbone and a Funny Bone" - Reba McEntire

Pet Peeves:
Loud music from the car next to me OR from my neighbor's house
Toothpaste in the sink
Toilet paper rolled the wrong way
Swearing in public
Biting into a Jelly Bean and finding out it is a different flavor than I expected - talking to you Mudbug!

I am a very proud Army Brat and lived all over the world until we settled in Big Spring when I was 10 years old. I graduated from Big Spring High School in 1989 and then went to Angelo State University where I earned my degree in Kinesiology and English. I am blessed with the 2 greatest children God ever put on this earth. Heather is a student at the University of Texas and just got married to a guy that I approve of. Garrett is a currently enrolled at Angelo State and a member of the Ram Clay Target Team. My time away from the station is spent volunteering for the Boy Scouts of America through Troop 5 and also as the District Chairman for the Lone Star District. If you can't find me, I have escaped to the barn along with my family, dogs and horses. I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT!

A little about the "Sassy" part of the show - Adrienne Green

NAME: Adrienne Green

ON-AIR: Weekdays from 6 AM - 9 AM



FIRST JOB? Burger King at the Rip Griffin's truck stop in Snyder.

CURRENT OBSESSIONS: Drag Queens and Stand-Up Comedy

ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIE: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

FUNNIEST MEMORY: Once when we were kids, my sister and I were competing in the living room to see who could do the best/highest cheerleader kick. We each had 2 attempts. I did fairly well, but my sister blew it out of the water. I remember my eyes got huge and I was in awe...until her other leg came out from under her and she fell hard and ended up breaking her tailbone. This cracks me up every time I think about it.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE INVISIBLE FOR A DAY? I would mess with people here in the office, and then sit in on some good movies at the theater.

IF YOU COULD BE ANY CARTOON CHARACTER, WHO WOULD YOU BE AND WHY? I would be Rogue from X-Men (Saturday morning cartoons). She's strong, sassy, flies, and can absorb powers from other mutants...what's not to love? (Okay, so there's the no human contact thing-but I think I could be okay with that.)

"If God is for us, who could be against us?" ~ Romans 8:31

PET PEEVES: Telemarketers/phone scams

TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: It was about 2 years ago when I stepped into the KBest Media office and explained that I had no experience in radio but I was available to help and wanted to learn for free because radio is something that I've had an interest in for many years. Thankfully, they decided to hire and train me part-time as a board operator. Less than a year later, I was offered a position to co-host KBest Country Chaos with Mark, and it's been a ton of fun!

When I'm not hosting the morning show or writing news stories for KBest News, I work on my stand-up comedy routine. Thursday nights you can catch me on Open Mic Night in Downtown Big Spring, or keep up with it on my Facebook page for The Green Bean Comic.


Name: Kristen McLaughlin-Bill.

Hometown: San Angelo, Tx

Favorite quotes: "It's when you cry just a little but laugh in the middle that you've made it. "
Jason Mraz

Pet peeves: I have no desire to hear anyone chew their food!!!!!!

Favorite song: Oh there are soooo many!!!!! My favorite ever song I would say is.... That's Where It's At by Sam Cooke... To start!!! ????

Favorite movie: Casino. I am a HUGE Robert Di Nero fan!!!!

If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds, what would you say? Find your path and fight with everything you have to stay on it. It's absolutely fantastic to step out of the box, just don't go too far from it because it's much harder to get back on track. Dream big and never let them go. It may not happen now but have faith, stay true to yourself and be kind. It will all be worth it you just have to be patient. Love yourself and each other. Without love there will never be peace.

What are 3 interesting things about yourself?

I play several instruments and dabble in singing and song writting.

I make a mean chicken fried steak!! My steak fingers were voted Best In The Concho Valley 3 years in a row!

Saltwater aquariums are my speacialty! My favorite to keep in a saltwater tank is coral! I can school ya on anything aquarium!!!

Kris Moore

NAME: Kris Moore

ON-AIR: Weekdays from 3pm-6pm


FIRST JOB? The Dairy Queen that was on HWY 87 that is now McDonald's


ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIE: That's tough one of three ... The original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter, or The Matrix


DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE 3 SECOND RULE? I had to google it ... don't really watch Basketball but if I do it is the Dallas Mavericks. I love Dirk Nowitski

COOLEST BRUSH WITH A CELEBRITY: I've had the honor to interview with soooooooo many celebrities but the coolest has to be the time I met both Robin Williams and Steven Spielberg on the same night!

GOT A FAVORITE COCKTAIL? A martini in a really pretty glass

Whitney Allen - 7pm-mid

What did you want to be when you were 5? And really…what kid actually gets to be the astronaut, rockstar, explorer, or radio host?!? Whitney Allen, that’s who! Her parents bought her a red transistor radio (that she slept with under her pillow every night) and adopted her first cat, Thomasina (who slept with her every night.) That’s when she knew, it was radio or animals. Since she was better at talking than biology, she knew she was going to be on the radio. So at the age of 5, she set out to make it BIG.

Before her first radio gig, Whitney heard a DJ who sounded like a woman that wanted to steal your boyfriend. If Whitney was going to be a DJ, that was not the sound she was going for. KATA in Eureka, California was the first station to give her a shot on the air. There, Whitney spent 2 years in place of that exact girl that wanted to “steal your boyfriend.” When she had enough of the northern California rain, Whitney headed south to San Diego. Warming up not just in the sun, but on CHR’s two hottest stations, nostalgia, AC and her first foray into country. Then the call came in…

Pirate Radio in Los Angeles. No two better things could have happened at the same time in Whitney’s life: a ground-breaking station being led by Scott Shannon, in her hometown of Los Angeles where she always dreamed of making it BIG. Then KIIS-FM in Los Angeles came along. For 3 years she hosted nights, middays, filled in and even co-hosted some mornings with the legendary Rick Dees. Still…there were bigger plans to come.

Blair Garner who worked at KIIS with Whitney, left to start his syndicated show “After Midnite.” He asked Whitney to join him, so she became the host of “After Midnite Weekends with Whitney Allen” for 8 years, on over 200 country stations.

Staying in her hometown, Whitney became the afternoon drive host at KZLA…but she was already bitten by the syndicated bug. So with only weekends free, “The Big Time Saturday Night” was born. As the business goes, KZLA flipped formats. Instead of dwelling on the past “The Big Time with Whitney Allen” was launched, and now, 6 years later, Monday through Friday on 150 stations.

Now, 6 nights a week, on The Big Time and The Big Time Saturday Night, Whitney hangs out and occasionally…ok, often, harasses listeners and artists. She gives credit to the chaotic (and usually drunk) team behind her, because The Big Time is too BIG for one person to handle. It really takes listeners, artists, music and a dream team to make Whitney’s dream come true.

When she’s not on the radio, or backstage at the biggest country concerts, Whitney loves the outdoors, redecorating, napping, and Mexico. Her furry kids, Paloma, Leela, and Ramon, But Mattie, Flue and Chakita live in her heart forever. And the cats Luna and Winchmore (no we didn’t name her ). Luckily, even without a degree in veterinary medicine, with the power of radio, she still gets to help animals through different charities. And, in keeping her promise to never sound like the girl that wants to steal your boyfriend, she’s got a man of her own.

Blair Garner - 12am-5am

The Blair Garner Show debuted on more than 150 radio stations nationwide in 2016. The overnight radio program airs Monday through Sunday from midnight to 5 a.m. Blair’s first guest was George Strait.

Joe Pags



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