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KBST Sports Archives for 2018-01

Coahoma v. Jim Ned, 01/30/18 Basketball Update


Coahoma Bulldogettes lost to Jim Ned on Tuesday evening. Final score was 28-89. Top scorers were the Varsity Bulldogettes were Makynlee Overton with 8 points, Makayla Overton with 7 points, and Ashley Romero with 5 points.

After a close game, the Bulldogs also lost their game. Final Score for that game was 42-50. Top scorers for the Varsity Bulldogs were Mason Moore with 16 points, Bryson Cline with 8 points, and Adam Clark with 7 points.

Girls lost to Jim Ned, Coahoma 5, Jim Ned 68. Boys team also lost, Coahoma 32, Jim Ned 55.

The next game for the Coahoma Bulldogs will be an away game in Merkel on Friday, Feb. 2nd. Varsity Bulldogettes play at 6:30 PM and Varsity Bulldogs play at 8 PM.

Information and photo courtesy of Coahoma Media.



Big Spring Jr. High Basketball Results - Big Spring v. Snyder, 01/29/18

8th Grade -

The 8th grade Lady "A" Steers beat up on Snyder Monday 34-13. Tristan Smith led the way with 13 points followed by Alex Enriquez and Ryen Terrazas both with 6 points. Mya Blanco chipped in 5 points. Savanna Zarraga and Kalyn Whitehead played well on defense.

The 8th grade Lady "B" Steers put up a good fight against the Lady Snyder Tigers. Regardless of their hard fight, they fell short 19-12. Good passes and plays on offense were made by Mallory Paul, Kylee Lynch, G Gonzales, and Kayleigh Muniz. On the defensive side, multiple steals and blocked shots were made by the entire team. However, the defensive players of the game were Angelica Calderon and Kylee Lynch, who lead the team in rebounds and steals.

7th Grade -

The 7th grade A team lost to Snyder in overtime on a free throw. The team struggled in the first half, but came back to take the lead in the 3rd Q. They held the lead till the 4th Q buzzer and fouled, taking the game to the free throw line. Snyder made both free throws and pushed the game into overtime. Overtime went back and forth in a tough 3 minute extra period. The lady Steers lost by a free throw in overtime. Offensive players of the game were Kortney Moore, Elaina Arredondo and Monica Gutierrez. Defensive players of the game were Gisselle Holguin and Loni Mendez.

The 7th grade "B" team Lady Steers got a huge win over the Tigers 30-3. Jalen Sykes led the team with 10 points. Mikiah Gibson followed with 6. Mia Bustamante, Neli Mendez and Maria Villalobos each had 4 pts while Genna Bediinger put up 2 points. Defense was on fire all night. All the lady Steers played awesome last night.

The 7th grade "B" team boys took on the Snyder Tigers last night and came up a little short dropping the contest 22-16. They battled all four quarters and have showed improvement throughout the year. Leading the Steers was Aaron Chavez with 5 points, 13 rebounds, and 2 blocked shot.

Also contributing for the Steers were:

Ismael Castillo with 4 points, 5 rebounds, 7 steals.
Kelby Olivarez with 4 points, 3 rebounds, and 7 steals.
Johnny Marquez with 3 points, 1 rebound, and 2 steals.
Issac Gonzales with 5 steals and 4 rebounds.
Adrian Solis with 6 steals and 3 rebounds.

The Steers wrap up the 2017-2018 Basketball season next Monday against the Wylie Bulldogs. Tip-off is set for 5 PM for the "A" team and the "B" team will shortly follow at the E.C Roberson Jr. Gymnasium.



Forsan Buffaloes v. Irion County, 01/30/18

Last Night the Forsan Buffaloes traveled to an away game to play Irion County, and both teams returned victorious!

The Varsity Buffaloes had a final score of 84-62. They now have a district of 9-0. According to Forsan Head Basketball Coach Cory Richardson, the top scorers for the game for the Buffaloes were Kobe Richardson with 27 points, Bryce Hergert with 18 points, and Garrett Evans with 15 points.

The Varsity Lady Buffs had a final score of 41-35, leaving them a district record of 10-1.

The next game for the Forsan Buffaloes will be Friday, Feb. 2nd a home game when they host the Eldorado. JV games begin at 4:00 and Varsity Boys are expected to play at 8 PM.

Thanks to Forsan ISD for providing information!



BSHS Senior Cierra Martinez Accepts Softball Scholarship to Cisco Community College

Today BSHS Senior Cierra Martinez accepted a Softball Scholarship to play for Cisco Community College. She was surrounded by her teammates and peers as she finalized the paperwork with her signature.

When she was asked how she felt about receiving this scholarship, Cierra told KBest News that she was very excited. "I'm very blessed to be able to continue playing softball because [it's] always been my dream to continue playing softball."

Cierra went on to say that she intends to study Kinesiology this Fall at Cisco Community College so she can be a coach or a teacher.


Coahoma Power Lifting Results - Jan. 27th, 2018

Coahoma High School recently hosted a powerlifting contest.

Overall, the Coahoma team members earned two first place medals  - Cailey Glover and Zach Holmes - three third place medals, and a fourth place medal at the event.

Holmes totaled 1095 pounds at the meet with 430 in squat, 230 in bench press, and 435 in deadlift. Early in the season, which kicked off in January, the Cohaoma student earned 1st place in his weight class at a meet in Colorado City and 2nd at a meet held at Big Spring.

Glover totaled 630 pounds in the 123 weight class with 275 in squat, 120 in bench press, and 235 in the deadlift. So far this season, Glover has earned a 4th place and 3rd place medals at competitions events.

Coahoma’s Hannah Marsh, Josh Grimsley, and Keegan Dobbs earned third place medals in their individual weight class. Alejandro Gonzales rounded out the team’s top finish by earning a 4th place medal in the super heavyweight competition.

Overall, the team from Snyder won the boys event and Midland Greenwood placed second. For the girls event, the Big Lake Reagan County team placed first followed by Colorado City.  Best lifter medals went to Johnny Donnell of Hawley, Enrique Baron of Snyder, Aaliyah Portales of Big Lake Reagan County, and Bonnie Jasper of Snyder.


Individual results for local teams are as follows:


132s Class -3rd, Zach Falzone, Colorado City, 665 TW (total weight); 4th, Alex Pineda, Colorado City, 565 TW

148s Class - 1st, Zach Holmes, Coahoma, 1095 TW; 4th, Noah Barraza, Forsan, 895 TW.

165s Class - 1st, Clarrett Akimas, Colorado City, 1050 TW; 3rd, Joshua Grimsley, Coahoma, 1030 TW.

181s Class - 7th, Brayton Reinert, Coahoma, 840 TW.

198s Class - 3rd, Keegan Dobbs, Coahoma, 1120 TW; 10th, Isaac Murillo, Coahoma, 890 TW; 11th, Lathan Limones, Colorado City, 760 TW.

220s Class - 7th, Nathaniel Whitmore, Forsan, 1000 TW; 9th, Cameron Allen, Forsan, 820 TW; 10th, Grayson Glidewell, Coahoma, 775 TW.

275s Class - 2nd, David Ornelas, Colorado City, 1420 TW; 6th, Hector Cruz, Colorado City, 955 TW; 7th, Jake Patterson, Forsan, 885 TW.

SHW Class - 3rd, Bradon Upshaw, Colorado City, 1220 TW; 4th, Alejandro Gonzales, Coahoma, 1050 TW; 7th, Shane Deel, Coahoma, 750 TW.


Team Results: 1st, Snyder; 2nd, Midland Greenwood; 3rd, Big Lake Reagan County; 4th, Colorado City; 5th, Brownwood; 6th, Coahoma; 7th, Hawley, 8th Roscoe Collegiate; 9th, Ropesville Ropes; 10th, New Home; 11th, Forsan; 12th, Midland Classical Academy.



97s Class - 2nd, Courtney Woodell, Colorado City, 380 TW

105s Class - 2nd, Lexi Santana, Colorado City, 535 TW; 3rd, Jaidyn Brown, Forsan, 460 TW.

114s Class - 3rd, Nia Williams, Colorado City, 545 TW; 5th, Honesty Mendez, Forsan, 480; 6th, Destiny Cox, Coahoma, 465 TW; 7th, Audrey Beltran, Colorado City, 460 TW; 9th, Victoria Melendez, Colorado City, 410 TW.

123s Class - 1st, Cailey Glover, Coahoma, 630 TW; 7th, Skylar Juarez, Colorado City, 415 TW.

132s Class - 1st, Kristina Parker, Colorado City, 595 TW.

148s Class - 4th, Bell Douglas, Colorado City, 515 TW; 5th, Kyndel Lawdermilk, Forsan, 470 TW; 6th, Destiny Reed, Colorado City, 415 TW.

165s Class - 4th, Mikaheala Willard, Forsan, 615 TW; 7th, Kirah Kimball, Coahoma, 550 TW; 10th, Garcia Bailey, Colorado City, 470 TW.

181s Class - 4th, Veronica Cruz, Colorado City, 465 TW.

198s Class - 2nd, Kendra Thomas, Forsan, 575 TW; 3rd, Hannah Marsh, Coahoma, 555 TW; 4th, Rachel McNeal, Colorado City, 315 TW.

259s Class - 4th, Brennan East, Forsan, 656 TW; 5th, Regan Deal, Coahoma, 585 TW.


Team Results: 1st, Big Lake Reagan County; 2nd, Colorado City; 3rd, Snyder; 4th, Ropesville Ropes; 5th, Brownfield; 6th, Midland Greenwood; 7th, Forsan; 8th, Coahoma; 9th, Midland Classical Academy; 10th, Hawley; 11th, New Home; 12th, Roscoe Collegiate.


(For complete results of the meet visit and


Coahoma Powerlifting Team individual results from earlier meets

Colorado City, Jan. 20, 2018

114s Class - Destiny Cox, 5th

132s Class - Cailey Glover, 4th

148s Class - Zach Holmes, 1st

165s Class - Kirah Kimball, 4th

198s Class - Hannah Marsh, 3rd

SHW Class - Alejandro Gonzales, 4th


Big Spring, Jan. 23, 2018

132s Class - Cailey Glover, 3rd

148s Class - Zach Holmes, 2nd

165s Class - Josh Grimsley, 3rd

198s Class - Keegan Dobbs, 4th


Big Spring Steers @ Abilene Wylie, 01/26/18

On Friday, January 29th, the Big Spring Steers traveled to Abilene Wylie. Both teams lost to Bulldogs. Final score for the Varsity Steers team was 80-45, and the final score for the Varsity Lady Steers was 72-42.

The next game for the Big Spring Steers will be tomorrow's home game when they host the Sweetwater Mustangs at Steer Gym. You can listen to that broadcast live on The Mighty 1490, brought to you by the KBest Crew!

(Photos are courtesy of Claxton Photography.)


Coahoma @ Colorado City, 01/26/18


Varisty Bulldogs varsity falls to Colorado City, final score is 87-43.

Varsity Bulldogettes lost to Colorado City. Final score was 67-21.


JV Results

Final score for Bulldogettes JV lost their game to the Wolves. Final score was 55-14. The JV Bulldogs lost to Colorado City Wolves; final score was 45-34.


The next game for the Bulldogs will be on Tuesday, January 30th. They'll be hosting a home game against Jim Ned. Varsity Bulldogettes play 6:30 PM and Varsity Bulldogs play at 8 PM.


(Photo courtesy of Coahoma Media.)








Howard College Hawks @ Midland College, 01/25/18

Last night the Howard College Hawks traveled to Midland to play against Chaparrals of Midland College.

Final score of the Women’s game was 69-45 in favor of Midland College. After a close game, the final score of the Howard College Men’s team was able to take the win with a final score of 56-54.

The next game for the Hawks will be on Thursday, Feb. 1 st in Hobbs, New Mexico against New Mexico Junior College. You can listen to a live broadcast of those games brought to you by the KBest Crew on The Mighty 1490 AM.

Photos are courtesy of Claxton Photography.




Big Spring Jr. High Steers v. Brownwood Lions, 01/22/18

8th Grade "B" Team -

The 8th grade “B” team took on the Brownwood Lions, in what amounted to a back and forth affair with both teams playing stingy defense throughout. The game started off with a low scoring first quarter as both teams could only muster 7 points apiece. In the second quarter Roman Perez was able to find a crack in the armor and finally able to put some pressure on the Brownwood defenders, causing them to foul him and send him to the line a few times in the second quarter. After halftime, with the steers down five in the fourth with 3 minutes to go momentum switched in favor of the Steers.

As the Steers were able to answer with an 8-0 run to run the score to 33-30. Then Brownwood made a last second three to tie the game as the clock expired and the game went to overtime. In their second overtime of the year for the Steers, the Steers were able to make clutch free-throws when it mattered to put the Brownwood Lions away 39-37.

Offensive leaders were Roman Perez and Jesse Hernandez, while Adrien Juarez and Matthew Chavarria brought there A game on defense. David Mendez in his second game back played extremely well as well.

8th Grade “A” Team -
8th grade “A” team took on a fantastic Brownwood Lions team and held their own against them. It was a back and forth affair for both teams, with the lead changing hands more than a dozen times between the teams. The Steers shots went cold in the 4th as Brownwood was able to get the upper hand in the latter half of the 4th.

Javarious Ford and Kaegan Mitchell made it tough on the Brownwood Lions defense with many drives into the paint and causing them to get fouled in the process, while Nico Francino, Chris Martinez, and Arron Yanez were making it rain from anywhere on the court. Saquan Fizer and Gabriel Baeza Held their own Impressively well in the paint against two Brownwood big men who were at least 6’4”.

Offensive standouts were, Ford, Mitchell, and Yanez. While the defense was led by the pick pocketing duo of Nico Francino and Chris Martinez, with both having at least 5 steals between them.

The A team will be traveling to Andrews Thursday for the beginning of their tournament against Seminole at 8 o’clock, Then action will continue on Saturday.

Both teams will return to action Monday against the Snyder Tigers

7th Grade "A" Team -
In a home game Monday night against Brownwood The Steers came up short 39-27.

Tanner Purcell and Ian Galan played with tremendous hustle and grit. Chris Salazar and Sema’J Wright ran the floor well. Cayde Bryans and Karim Rayford played pretty good defense which kept both themselves and the team out of foul trouble. Eli Cobos and Nicholas Garcia started a block party in the paint stuffing out 3 people a piece.

Sergio Ybarra And Derrick Walleck led the team in scoring with 21 combined points.

The Steers look to upset the Andrews Mustangs at 4 PM on Thursday in the first game of the Andrews A-team tournament.

(Information provided by BSJHS Coach Sawyer J. Roberts, and Rosi Slate at the ATC.)


Forsan Buffaloes v. Miles, 01/23/18

Last night Forsan Buffaloes traveled to Miles, were both teams dominated the competition. Varsity Boys won, 68-47; and Lady Buffs won, 65-16. Both Forsan teams are currently undefeated. According MaxPreps, Varsity Boys district record is 7-0; and Varsity Girls district record is 8-0.

On Friday, the Forsan Buffaloes will host home games against the Ozona Lions. JV games begin at 4 PM, with Varsity Boys expected to play at 8 PM.


Steers v. Snyder Tigers, 01/23/18

The Big Spring Steers hosted home games against the Snyder Tigers. The results are as follows - Varsity Lady Steers lost to Snyder, final score 45-29; and after a close game, the Varsity Steers Basketball team lost to Snyder 70-60.

The next game for the Big Spring Steers will be on Friday, January 26th in Abilene against the Abilene Wylie Bulldogs. Varsity Lady Steers begins at 6:15 PM and Varsity Steers play at 7:30 PM.

Don't forget you can catch a LIVE broadcast of both games, brought to you by the KBest Crew, on The Mighty 1490 AM!

(Photos are courtesy of Claxton Photography.)



Coahoma Bulldogettes v. Clyde Lady Bulldogs, 01/23/18

The Varsity Coahoma Bulldogettes took home a win after last night's close game with the Clyde Lady Bulldogs, final score 52-51. According to Coahoma Media, the lead was traded back and forth between the two teams and Clyde was in the lead with a score of 51-50, until the Bulldogettes caught a rebound and nailed the basket to take the win within the final seconds of the game.

Way to go, Bulldogettes!! ????????????????


Coahoma JV Update: Bulldogettes v. Lady Buffaloes / Bulldogs v. Stanton, 01/19/18

Coahoma JV Update:
* Bulldogettes lose heartbreaker in overtime *
STANTON - After overcoming a 9-point deficit to push the game into overtime, the Coahoma Bulldogettes lost 23-20 to the Lady Buffs in junior varsity basketball action Friday.
Coming back for the second half, the Bulldogettes, who were already down by 7 points, quickly saw their deficit widen as a Stanton player buried a shot to leave the score 15-6 in favor of the Lady Buffaloes. Then Macee Grant netted a three-pointer igniting a fire under the Bulldogettes. Julia Cortez stepped up to the charity line and nailed a basket to help cut Stanton’s lead to 5. With Stanton in the Coahoma’s backcourt threatening another score, Kenzie Canalez got the ball and raced down to the Buffalos post to successfully sink a field goal into the net. Grant followed with one of her own and then a foul brought Canalez to the free throw line where she nailed one basket to tie the score at 15-15. The Stanton girls earned the last point of the third quarter, also at the charity stripe, and the teams went into the fourth with the score 16-15 in favor of the Lady Buffs.
As the game intensified, the teams traded the lead back and forth mostly at the free throw line. First Canales sank a ball at the charity stripe to tie the game once again at 16-16 just to see a Stanton player nail at shot at the free throw line. A few minutes later, the game was tied again this time thanks to Coahoma’s Haven Martin who buried a shot from the paint. Stanton managed to pull away again this time by 3 points only to see their lead dissipate within the last minute of play thanks to Canales. With 8 seconds to play, the Bulldogettes tried one last desperate attempt to inbound the ball and make a play for the win but failed. The Stanton team would go on to win at the free throw line in overtime 23-20.
* Coahoma JV falls to Stanton 46-28 *
STANTON - The Coahoma boys junior varsity team lost to the Stanton Buffaloes 46-28 in high school basketball action Friday evening.
The Stanton Buffaloes had a strong first half outscoring the Bulldogs 25 to 7. The Buffs jumped out early notching in a three-point shot at the beginning of the game. Then Kolt Redden answered back sinking in a field goal for 2 followed by another successful basket from teammate Isaac Murillo. The Bulldogs would tie the game 5-5 thanks to a basket from the charity stripe by Murillo but then the Buffaloes went on a 10-point run to end the first 15-5 in favor of the Buffaloes.
In the second, the Stanton team netted 10 points but held the Bulldogs to only 2 with those coming from a field goal by Tony Hagans.
An energized Bulldogs team returned from the locker room for the third to net 11 points in the quarter over Stanton’s 8. Coahoma’s Seth Brooks started off the ‘Dogs with nailing 2 points at the free throw line then Haggins hit two back-to-back three-pointers. Sean Striegler and Cody Salinas contributed to the Bulldogs’ score.
Coahoma was able to gain another 10 points to the scoreboard in the fourth mostly at the charity stripe thanks to efforts by Striegler, D’Kota Harrison, Salinas, Brooks, and Redden. However, Stanton netted 13 for the quarter to add to their already wide lead and won the match 46-28.
(photos by Coahoma Media and Nova Montgomery)



Coahoma Bulldogs @ Stanton, 01/19/18

STANTON – Coahoma’s Bryson Cline successfully buried a ball as the buzzer sounded with a wild shot from midcourt to end the third quarter Friday night in Stanton.

However, it was the Buffaloes who walked away with the 64-55 win after a come-from-behind rally in the fourth quarter during an exciting boys high school varsity basketball game.


Raw emotion shown on both sides of the court during the game as the two neighboring school districts battled during district play. The Bulldogs held the lead for three quarters of the game.


In the fourth, the Buffaloes went on a 17-point run and effectively shut down the ‘Dogs at the post to only 6 points gained during the quarter. Stanton walked away with the victory 64-55. Contributing to the Bulldogs score were Cline, Joe Manning, Gage Clark, Mason Moore, Zack Schneider, and Bracy Bacon


Coahoma Bulldogettes @ Stanton, 01/19/18

STANTON - The Coahoma varsity Bulldogettes lost to the Stanton Lady Buffaloes 61-39 in girls high school basketball action Friday night.


The Coahoma girls held the lead after the first period of play 8-13. Coahoma’s Abbie Lopez nailed a basket at the charity strip to put the first point on the board. Then teammate Cailtyn Corley followed up sinking in 2 with a jumper under the basket.


Makynlee Overton added 4 more points in the quarter for the Bulldogettes and then her big sister Makayla Overton buried a shot behind the arc to pad Coahoma’s lead to 5 going into the second quarter 8-13. The Lady Buffaloes would take over the lead by the half 25-21 and walk away with district win 61-39. Also contributing to the Bulldogettes score Friday night were Cassie Grant, Paige Atkins, and Ashley Romero.



Coahoma v. Merkel

Earlier this week, Coahoma basketball teams hosted home games against Merkel. At the end of the first quarter, Coahoma was behind by only 4 points, but as the game progressed the Merkel Badgers continued to outscore the Bulldogs, resulting in the final score of Coahoma 44, Merkel 68.
Top scoring Bulldogs from Tuesday’s game was Mason Moore with 12 points, 2 assists, 3 rebounds, and 1 steal. Following very close behind him was Bryson Cline with 11 points, 2 rebounds, and 1 steal. Gage Clark came in next with 9 points, 1 assist, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals.
The Bulldogettes also played Merkel on Tuesday. Final score of that game was 53-30, in favor of Merkel.
Coahoma’s next set of basketball games will be this evening in Stanton against the Buffalos. Varsity Bulldogettes play at 6:30 PM and Varsity Bulldogs play at 8 PM.



Coahoma Jr. High girls teams v. Jim Ned Indians, 01/15/18

8th Grade A team

The Coahoma 8th Grade A team clawed their way to within 3 points shy of a tie in the fourth but the Lady Indians were able to pull away with a 22-28 victory in junior high basketball action Monday night.

After the first quarter of play, the Bulldogettes had a 9-5 lead thanks to scores by Kaylie Kaczyk, Madison Rodgers, and Kaylor Green. Coahoma’s Madison Olivas dropped the ball in for 2 to start off the second quarter of play but the Lady Indians began a slow march to take over the lead by the end of the quarter. Coahoma didn’t make it easy for the Jim Ned girls but at the end of the half, the Lady Indians led 13-20.


In the third quarter, action on the court slowed for both teams offensively although Rodgers nailed a basket behind the arc. By the fourth both teams ramped up play to battle for the win. Scores by Rodgers, Kaczyk, and Green helped the Bulldogettes to get within 3 points but late game goals by the Lady Indians left Jim Ned the victors, 22-28.


Individual points

Madison Rodgers – 8

Kaylie Kaczyk – 6

Kaylor Green– 5

Madison Olivas – 3


1st: 9-5

2nd: 13-20

3rd: 16-22

4th: 22-28


8th Grade B team


In an exciting fourth quarter of play against the Jim Ned Lady Indians Monday night, the Coahoma Bulldogettes 8th Grade B team came within two points in tying the lead after a six-point run.

However, a Jim Ned player nailed a field goal within the last 30 seconds of play giving just enough padding for the Lady Indians to take the match 16-20.

Coahoma’s Emigene Braxton was the first to score in a very defensive first quarter of play. She hit a field goal with 55 seconds left in the quarter but was soon followed by goal from a Lady Indian to tie the game at 2-2.

Jim Ned quickly took the lead early on in the second holding on until Macie Green tied the game for the Bulldogettes at 4-4. Then Braxton sank in a shot to push the Bulldogettes over once more. Heading into the half, Coahoma held the lead 8-6, thanks to a successful basket by Paula Mae Hagins.

An energized Jim Ned returned for the second half of play going on an 8-point run before Serenity Watts answered back with a field goal. By the third, Jim Ned led 10-16.

The Lady Indians struck first in the fourth quarter but a goal by Braxton set off a chain reaction as the Bulldogettes narrowed the deficit to 2 points  thanks to Hagins and Bella Montelongo. The push just wasn’t enough for Coahoma to walk away with the victory. Jim Ned won 16-20.


Individual Points

Emigene Braxton = 6 points

Paula Mae Hagins - 4

Serenity Watts - 2s

Bella Montelongo – 2

Macie Green - 2


1st: 2-2

2nd: 8-6

3rd: 10-16

4th 16-20


Howard College Hawks at Odessa College, 01/18/18

Yesterday, the Howard College Hawks Basketball teams traveled to Odessa. The Women's team won an incredibly close game with the final score 55-54, and the Men's team lost 70-65.

The next game for the Men's team will be on Monday, January 22nd, against the New Mexico Military Institute. There will not be a Women's game on that evening, so this game will begin at 6:30 PM at the Dorothy Garrett Coliseum on the Sonic Floor, and you can listen to the LIVE broadcast brought to you by the KBest Crew on The Mighty 1490 AM.


JRHS Results: BS Jr. High @ Sweetwater


This past Monday night the Steers traveled to Sweetwater to take on the Mustangs and came up a little short. Dropping the contest 30-29. The game was a back and forth battle that needed an overtime period to ultimately decide the winner. This was the second time the Steers had to go into overtime against the Mustangs this season.

Leading the Steers was Aaron Chavez with a break out game with 16 points, 15 rebounds, 4 steals, and 3 blocked shots.

Also contributing were:

Joshua Gonzales with 6 points, 11 rebounds, and 2 blocked shots.

Ismael Castillo with 3 points, 7 steals, and 4 rebounds.

Adrian Solis with 2 points, 2 steals, and 3 rebounds.

Kelby Olivarez with 2 points, 6 steals, and 5 rebounds.

It was tough loss and a learning experience for the young Steers, but they are ready to bounce back. They take on the Brownwood Lions on Monday with the tip off set for 5:30 here at the E.C. Roberson Jr. High Gymnasium.


The 8th grade A Lady Steers basketball team trounced Sweetwater in Thursday evening's game, 59-17. Tristan Smith led the way with 17 points and Alex Enriquez scored 9 points. Mya Blanco pitched in 7 points.

On defense, Zoey Castillo, Savanna Zarraga, Abe Delgado all played well.

The 8th grade B team dominated the Sweetwater Colts 25-16. Big Spring's offense was led by Kayleigh Muniz, Mallory Paul, GG Gonzales, Celestina Quintana and the leading scorer, Angelica Calderon. Our whole team had great defense, but the leaders were Hailey Zarraga, Kylee Lynch, GG Gonzalez and Kayleigh Muniz.

The 7th grade A Lady Steers won against Sweetwater in their best executed game of the season. Elaina Arredondo had an amazing ball handling and pressed the defense with ease. Other defensive players of the game were Katelyn Hainey, Kisa Cate and Ioni Mendez. Offensive players of the game were Monica Gutierrez and Daniah Wrighter.

The 7th grade B team hung on the the lead with all their might beating Sweetwater 10-9. Jalen Sykes and Mia Bustamante were the leading scorers for the game. The entire team played excellent defense in this neck and neck defensive battle. The focus and determination was awesome tonight. Way to play together ladies!


Big Spring v. Brownwood, 01-16-18

Last night the Big Spring Steers hosted home games at Steer Gym against Brownwood. Both Varsity teams lost; Steers: 72-48, and Lady Steers: 47-37. The next game for both teams will be an away game on January 23rd, against the Snyder Tigers.

(Photos are courtesy of Claxton Photography.)




Lady Steers v. Abilene Wylie

On January 9th, 2018 the Big Spring Lady Steers hosted a home game against Abilene Wylie last night in Steer Gym. Final score was 70-37 in favor of Wylie.

The next game for both Steer Basketball teams will be on Friday, January 12 in Sweetwater. Varsity Girls play at 6:15 PM and Varsity Boys play at 7:30 PM. You can listen to the KBest Crew broadcast LIVE from both of those games on The Mighty 1490 AM!

(Photos are courtesy of Claxton Photography.)


Big Spring Jr. High Basketball Teams Travel to Snyder

Girls - 

The 8th grade A Lady Steers defeated Snyder Monday 28-23. It was a great defensive game. Zoey Castillo and Kalyn Whitehead led the way on defense. Mya Blanco and Ryen Terrazas were the leading scorers with 8 points each. Tristan Smith and Alex Enriquez both had 4 points.

The 8th grade "B" lady steers faced Snyder we fell short but had great defensive and offensive plays. The leading defenders were Mallory Paul, kayleigh Muniz, Kylee lynch, and angelica Calderon. Offensive leaders were Celestina Quintana, Kayleigh Muniz, Gabby Gonzales, and Trinity Robertson. The lady Steers face Snyder again tomorrow.

The 7th grade A team won against the Snyder Tigers in a close game. The Lady Steers played hard and executed well. top defenders were Alyson Castaneda, Kisa Cate, Kaydence Canales and Loni Mendez. Offensive players of the game were Elaina Arredondo, Monica Gutierrez and Daniah Wrighter.

The 7th grade B took a big win over Snyder Monday night. Mia Bustamante and Jalen Sykes were the leading scorers. Genna Bedinger and Emily Matthews were key on offense as well. Valerie Barriios and Neli Mendez were strong on defense. The whole team hustled and worked hard.


Boys - 

On Monday, January 8th the Big Spring Steers Junior High boys basketball teams traveled to Snyder to face off against the Tigers.

The 8th grade "A" team played a tough back and forth game against the Tigers. There were multiple lead changes, and neither team trailed by more than 5 points. Tigers would ultimately get a 51-46 win over the Steers.

Offensive standouts for the Steers were were Javarious Ford and Kaegen Mitchell both with 14 points and Sa’Quan Fizer with 7. Defensive standouts were Sa’Quan Fizer, Jonathan Carrillo, and Seth Olsen.

The 8th grade "B" team also played Snyder on Monday. The game was a highly contested back and forth affair, with neither team leading by more than 3 points. In overtime the Steers fell to the tigers 34-33. The offensive game was spearheaded by Roman Perez who went 7-11 on free-throws and added 5 points bringing his total to 12, Followed by Malachi Renteria who added 5 points. On defense the steers were led by Malachi Renteria, who stole the ball 4 times, and Quetavian Lewis who frustrated whomever he had to guard all night, making them commit many turnovers as well.

Jr. High 7th grade teams also competed against Snyder and were unable to put win in the win column. They fought for 4 quarters and never gave up. Leading the Steers was Kelby Olivares with 7 points, 5 rebounds, and 8 steals. Also contributing for the Steers were Joshua Gonzales with 2 points, 10 rebounds and 2 blocked shots  Damian Rios with 2 points, 3 steals. 

The Steers will return to action on Monday, January,15th in Sweetwater.


Thanks to Sawyer J Roberts, 8th Grade Social Studies/Coach, and Rosi Slate at the ATC Office for the information.



Big Spring Steers WIN Close Game Against Fort Stockton / Lady Steers Fall Behind in District Opener Against Snyder

On Friday, Jan. 5th, the Big Spring Steers hosted a home game against Fort Stockton. The Steers won a close game with the final score of 65-63. Their next game will be tomorrow at Midland High and Varsity plays at 6:30 PM.

The Lady Steers had their district opener against Snyder on the same day. The final score was 56-34 in favor of Snyder. Their next game will be a home game against Abilene Wylie at Steer Gym and Varsity plays at 6:15 PM. Tomorrow you can listen to the KBest Crew broadcast LIVE from Steer Gym on the Mighty 1490!

Photo is courtesy of Claxton Photography.


High School Basketball Coahoma v. Westbrook

On Tuesday, Coahoma basketball teams hosted games against Westbrook. The Bulldogs Varsity team dominated their game with an early lead of Coahoma 33 – Westbrook 11. Scoring wise, both teams appeared to be about evenly matched in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, however Westbrook could not recover and Coahoma drove home the win to score a few more points in the 4th quarter. Final score was Coahoma 65 – Westbrook 36.


Top 3 scorers of the game were Joe Manning with 11 points, Gage Clark with 12 points, and Mason Moore with 18 points, 2 assists, 1 rebound, and 2 steals.


The next game for Coahoma will be another home game on Friday, January 5th, against Iraan. Varsity boys play at 6:30 PM. The Lady Bulldogettes will travel to Clyde, Varsity game begins 6:30 PM.


Big Spring Steers Host Rival Basketball Team at Steers Gym

Yesterday, Big Spring Steers hosted basketball games against Andrews at Steers Gym. Final score was 71-53 in favor of Andrews. The next game for the Steers will be a home game against Fort Stockton, with Varsity beginning at 5 PM.

The Big Spring Lady Steers will kick off their District season by traveling to Snyder on Friday, January 5th. Varsity is expected to play at 6:15 PM. You can listen to the KBest crew broadcast this game LIVE from Snyder on The Mighty 1490!

(Photos are courtesy of Claxton Photography.)




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